April 5, 2017

LAN Gaming Event Rules

GAME : Counter Strike

1. 5 players per team only (2 teams per game can play).
2. Winner in first round will be decided on basis of best of 9 rounds.
3. Initial money will be $850.
4. Friendly Fire will be ON.
5. Cl_ commands will be allowed to use. No other commands will be allowed.
6. No cheat codes will be allowed.
7. Oral communication between team members will not be allowed.
8. Own USB keyboard and mouse will be allowed, which they have to bring on their own.
9. Players are allowed to use their headphones.
10. They will be given time for 1 minute to set their name and controls as per their requirement for that 2 test rounds will be allowed to be played for testing. After that server will be restarted and game will go live.
11. All player names must be in the form of <team tag>_<player name> and no offensive words will be allowed as a name.
12. Team side will be decided by the toss. They can choose to decide either map of their choice or team and other team which looses the toss will decide another.
13. No other unfair means will be entertained during game play. Any unfair behavior will lead to the disqualification of the team and strict actions.
14. Final decision will be of management.



• Qualifier Rounds
1. Cs_untitled
2. Aim_headshot
3. Aim_map
4. Aim_ifm
• Final Rounds
1. Cs_militia
2. Cs_italy
3. De_aztek
4. De_dust2